Inside the Mind of a Car Stereo Shopper
:: You are a Long Way From Two Speakers, Buddy!

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I have done all this because of so-called "experts" and friends who always stood too close to the suggestion box.

They told me on many occasions how much better my stereo system would sound if only I replaced some components.

I must have upgraded my system at least five or six times.

Every time I thought I was done, I was told something was missing.

Either that or there was something new on the market much prettier and had more useless features than what I had.


The infected shopper was at it again!

It took me a long time to find out that what I really needed was a simple, loud, and clear car stereo system.

Something that sounds good inside the car

Something loud enough to cover the road noise

Not loud enough to attract the night crawlers (Crooks)

By the time I decided to give my car away and move on to another, only the windshield was original.

Before you advertise your sound system to everyone in your town, be sure you always have full coverage insurance and some money tucked away for the deductible.

If you have the loudest stereo system in town, it will definitely cost you a few windows

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