Inside the Mind of a Car Stereo Shopper
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As soon as I saw that receiver, I started building reasons in my mind why the receiver in my car was just a

piece of trash

All of a sudden, I didn't like my receiver anymore, and I started thinking:

Why did the dealer give me such a cheap Receiver?

I don't believe these people!

I really have to do something about this receiver.

For the money you spend on a new car you think

The stupid radio in the car probably cost more money than the one I saw at the store

I wanted to buy that receiver but I didn't have enough money.

I spent more time admiring that receiver than I did picking the pair of speakers that I came to buy.

Finally, I bought the speakers and went home.


I installed them

But they didn't sound good

They would sound so much better with the other receiver, I thought.

After all, it was just a cheap factory radio, which sounded just fine before I walked in the store.

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