Inside the Mind of a Car Stereo Shopper
:: Wow! Look At This Radio!

«« Why did I mention this?

In order to get to the speakers, I had to walk to the back of the store. We sometimes wonder why there are so many impulse shoppers out there.

The reason is simple really

The item we are looking to buy is always in the back of the store. Trust me, there were quite a few items I wanted to take home with me besides the speakers.

On my way to speaker city, in a back corner of the store, I laid my eyes on this Tape Deck and I thought


This is the exact expression in your face when you are struck by the SOI Virus

Your eyes and mouth are wide open, your neck crunches, and you take a very short breath.

Sometimes, your right index finger may be pointing almost immediately to the direction of the item that caused it to happen.


It was a JVC Cassette Deck and it was the most amazing car stereo receiver I had ever seen.


Talk about love at first sight

It had "ME" and "MINE" written all over it!

Retail price, $350.

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