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:: 4.11. WARNING! Protect Your Ears at all Times!

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Do not expose yourself to extremely loud music and stay away from distorted sounds.

Loud noises can damage our hearing. Unfortunately, the damage is invisible and we may not be aware of changes to our hearing until years later.

We tend to think 'Oh, it won't matter,'


'I will stop if it gets painful.'

Ears are very delicate and complex.

They contain thousands of tiny cells that process sounds and pass information on to your brain.

Loud noises can damage some of the cells so that they stop working. Once this happens, there is no cure.

If you have had ringing in your ears, that is a sign the sound was loud enough to damage your ears.

You may already have developed a slight, but permanent hearing loss.

Being on the clear side means being on the safe side


enjoying a lifetime of your favorite melodies.

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