The Cheapest Way to Upgrade your Car Stereo
:: 9.1. It is Not the Upgrade That Cost You Money

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The things that cost you the most money when you decide to upgrade your car stereo system are a combination of the following:

Going back and forth to the installer

Not doing your homework

Buying it now and upgrading again 2 months from now

Being stuck in the "It Could Be Better" Loop

Listening to what other are telling you

Listening to friends whose wallet is bigger than yours or friends with "ZERO" responsibility.

Listening to experts who are trying to exploit your lack of knowledge and your willingness to spend.

Buying components that are dirt cheap "" That's not the cheapest way!

Not knowing the story of the old man, the boy, and the donkey

Replacing what you already have when there is nothing wrong with it

Shopping on Impulse

Not setting a budget

Not staying within that budget

The attitude that we all have "I work hard, I deserve the best" even it the best is absolutely unnecessary

Buying things that looks pretty even if the look is not what's really important

Buying things to impress other people

Overlooking the content of this book

Not taking my advice

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