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I believe that we are infected with this virus that I call the "SOI Virus".

Say Hello! To my little friend

It is because of this "SOI Virus" that

We are unable to have any money in the bank.

Our house is loaded with things that we only use for the first 2 weeks after we buy them

We are so deep in debt.

We don't start thinking about our kids' college until High School graduation day

Think about it...

You walk in a store to buy something specific, in this case, a pair of speakers,

You are determined to buy that one thing and go home.
After all, that's exactly why you left your house.

But before you leave the store, one of two things happen:

1. You end up buying other things that you don't need,
sometimes more expensive things.

2. Your eyes are fixated on something else that sends you running..

To your car for more money

To your house for the other credit card

To your job for some overtime to make up for it

For a brief moment you forget all the things you can do with your money,

Like saving it,

You forget that you have bills to pay,

You are just in

Shopping mode, like a woman in a clothing store!

The truth is that we all do it; some of us more than others.

some of us seriously need help.

We work hard to buy the things we want; then we work harder to pay for them.

S A D !!!

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