The Cheapest Way to Upgrade your Car Stereo
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Most of the musical instruments and a great portion of the vocal are reproduced in the mid Frequencies "" i.e. - The midrange (1KHz-16KHz)

Remember those teenage boom boxes that I talked about earlier, a lot of times, that part of the music is covered up by the over amplified tweeter and bass.

Any average speaker including the ones in your car can reproduce that part of the music with no problem.

in fact, most of the music you hear is in that range.

That part of the music does NOT really require special speakers. Although you could go out and buy a pair of midrange speakers, there's really no need to do so.

Think of your speaker system as a pizza...

Everything stars out with the regular cheese pizza "" the average speaker


Everything else around it are the toppings "" tweeters, sub woofers, midranges, etc.

It's the pizza that fills you up, but it tastes so much better with pepperoni!


Enough about Pizza!

Unless your speakers are torn, ripped, or they are the same speakers that used to be in your father's Oldsmobile. There is not really a need to replace them.

If the sound coming out your speakers is pleasing to your ears, no matter how old they look, don't worry about what your friends think or what the professionals say.

When I took all my stereo equipments out of Midnight Fantasy and put them in my 1988 Acura Legend. I used the same front speakers that came with the car.

I was able to add them to my 60W/Ch amplifier and they worked fine. That was five years ago and they are still kicking!

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