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My 1990 Mitsubishi Precis - A Hyundai with a Mitsubishi sticker on it.

I decided to buy Midnight Fantasy because I needed a new car and it was the cheapest new car available at Rockland Mitsubishi at the time.

I loved that car

Because it was my first brand new car.

It did not smell like leather but it had that "brand new smell to it and the seats were still wrapped in plastic.

It didn't cost me a fortune but it was like a mortgage for a young man my age in my financial situation

As you can see Midnight Fantasy really was a poor man's Beamer

I hated that car

because I spent more money on it later than it was worth.

I still regret that $1,000 I spent on the extended warranty.

Since the topic is car stereo, here is the break down of

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