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You see, a lot of my money was not spent on expensive equipments; it was spent on my continuous search for a better sound.

I have changed my amplifiers at least five times

I have changed my equalizer four times.

Eventually, I ended up with the Clarion 720EQ.

An equalizer with Surround sound, front and rear delays, multiple display selections. A bunch of crap that I didn't really need

I didn't use the Little Sub Button in the radio anymore. The subwoofer was now controlled by the Equalizer.

Why do you think I bought the Radio in the first place?


for the Little Sub Button

Passive equalizers come with subwoofer output. I just wish someone told me when I was buying the radio.

I have lost count of the different speakers that I have had in my car.

You see, every time there was a problem "" say one tweeter blew "" instead of the dealer replacing it for me, they offered me "a better one at a discount"

He used to tell me, "you are the one who wants to save money. if you want quality, you have to spend"

Come to think of it

They never gave me back the old ones, and the package deals that I got always included them keeping my old equipments that were being replaced.

I wonder what they did with them.

You know how it is

This is good

This is better

This the top of the line

In the mean time, you are spending like crazy!

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