The Cheapest Way to Upgrade your Car Stereo
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My name is SP, Woodring

Instead of giving you a long boring introduction for this book, I decided to give you something more in the form of a booklet.

It is a prelude to this manual and, in it, I share my story.

Read it and you will find out how I went shopping for a pair of speakers for my car and ended up spending over $3,000 in a cheap car.

Read: "Inside The Mind of a Car Stereo Shopper

I strongly suggest you read "Inside The Mind of a Car Stereo Shopper" first

  • It will help you understand all the emotions that you will go through as an impulsive car stereo shopper.
  • It will help you understand the reason I wrote this book.
  • It will also help you realize that you may be infected with a virus I have discovered called the "SOI Virus". This virus can destroy your bank account.

Let me tell you something,

After spending $3,000 on a cheap car, you are better off learning from my mistake. Because if you don't, you will wind up making the same mistakes I made.

If after you are done reading this book from start to finish, if you are unable to make a wise decision in upgrading your car stereo system, I will give you a full refund and you can keep the book.

This is my personal guarantee that I am giving you.

Let's get started.

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