The Cheapest Way to Upgrade your Car Stereo
:: 6.2. Chosing the Right CD Player

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Like a good cassette player, this is the minimum you need for a CD player

Separate bass and treble controlThey all have that

Great FM Sensitivity the lower the dBf, the better

Loudness control or Mega Bass

About 20 watts RMS power

Preamp Output (only required if you would like to add equalizers or amplifiers to it)

Also, think about CDR's that you have compiled, Some cheap CD Players can't play them. Look for...

CDR, CDR-W Playback capability

If you are going to invest the money anyway, what about a CD player that can read MP3's.

The extra money you spend on the CD Player, you will make up for by not having to buy CD's at the store.

One compiled CD in MP3 Format can hold a lot of music, enough to take you on your longest trips

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