The Cheapest Way to Upgrade your Car Stereo
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The amplifier takes the sound signal coming from the receiver and makes it louder.

An amplifier is definitely required if you decide you need more bass. Unless you go out and buy an amplified sub woofer

Most after market receivers come amplified up to 35/Watts RMS per channel.

Every receiver comes with a built-in amplifier, even factory receivers.

For your simple upgrade, the radio's amplifier should be enough. However, you may need one amp for the set up, preferably a bridgeable 50Wx2 RMS

If all you need the amplifier for is bass, they now have 1 channel Amp especially designed for subwoofers.

TIP>> If you plan to use the receiver to power up the speakers, then any cheap amplifier from Walmart or Target will be enough to power up your subwoofer

I know this is the cheapest way but I should remind you:

Sometimes, the difference between quality and junk is only few dollars.

I will say it again

"The Cheapest Way to Get Things Done is to do it Right The First Time"

That's why I ask you to check with before you buy anything from anywhere else. With the support they give you, they have to sell you quality merchandise.

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