The Cheapest Way to Upgrade your Car Stereo
:: Chapter 1 - Making The Decision

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If you have read my free manual "Inside The Mind of a Car Stereo Shopper", I am sure that you won't make the same mistake I made.

I am also sure that you will make a wise decision in your planning. You won't just go out there and start "shopping on impulse".

What we need to accomplish by the end of this chapter is for you to

  • Know exactly what your ears are trying to tell you.
  • Know what you have to work with.
  • Know which components you will keep and which you will trash (Very Important).
  • Know the maximum amount of cash you are willing to spend.
  • Know whether or not you want to re-install the factory components before you sell or trade your car.
  • Have a written list of the components you would like to buy.
  • Keep your calm, and take it easy.

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