The Cheapest Way to Upgrade your Car Stereo
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You don't need an equalizer

If you are doing a basic upgrade to you car stereo. An equalizer is extra in a way.

According to the experts,

Because of the awkward acoustic design of the Vehicle, you may miss some of the sound coming from the speakers.

Some gets soaked up by your upholstery.

The Bass gets muffled by your back seat cushions.

The equalizer makes up for that loss by boosting up the desired signals, high, mid or bass.

As if to say that you live in your car, so it must be perfect.

My car is not a sound studio, Neither is yours.

You don't need an equalizer.


If you feel the need to get one, here is the low down on it

Once you decide to use an equalizer in your car, you loose the ability to use the amplifier that's built into the receiver.


Either the equalizer need to be amplified itself or an external amplifier is required

Obviously NOT the cheapest way!

Different Kinds of Equalizers

In your search for Equalizers, you will find

Under-Dash Equalizers

Goose Necks "" handy if you have no room to install the EQ

Remote- Mount Equalizers "" these usually go in your trunk, you adjust them then you leave them alone

Equalizer-boosters (Not recommended)

Equalizer-Amplifier (haven't seen those in a while)

Passive Equalizers (Most popular)

An Under-Dash equalizer (5 or 7 band) will do the job.

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