The Cheapest Way to Upgrade your Car Stereo
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Yes, unfortunately some cars do come without radios.

I know a few people that stripped their car before the bank reposed it. I also know some people who will not sell their car with the current stereo equipments in it.

Sadly, I am one of those people. :)

TIP>> If you buy a car and you see a hole in the dashboard or the factory radio doesn't work, NEVER go to the dealer to purchase the Factory Radio.

The price to replace a factory radio is enough to get you the complete sound system... and... professionally installed!

If you want to laugh, call your dealer and ask them how much the factory radio cost

I sold my factory receiver for my 1988 Acura Legend for $360.

The guy was in such a rush to buy it, it made me wonder how mush it was at the dealer.

If you have to start from scratch,
then you have less to worry about.

There is no need to decide what to keep and what not to keep. You just have to set up your budget and find the right equipment to fit that budget.

Yes... Set a budget for your car stereo upgrade.

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