The Cheapest Way to Upgrade your Car Stereo
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If you are getting good sound out of your receiver, and you are getting good sound coming out of your speakers, there here is the question you should try to answer:

Should you replace them in order to improve the sound quality?

The answer is,

No, not always.

TIP>> You would be amazed to hear what 4 little tweeters and a little subwoofer can do to a factory car stereo.

Many times doing a simple upgrade will greatly improve your car stereo sound. enough to make you want to drive around town for no reason whatsoever

I will give you an example.

Most BMW's as old as I have seen, have a great factory sound system. I mean, it just sounds beautiful.


Because most of them have one (1) tweeter added to each speaker, two (2) in the front doors, and two (2) on the read deck.

In my years as an installer, I have never replaced any speakers in BMW's. Usually I will replace the receiver either because...

  • It doesn't work,
  • They lost the security code, or
  • They want to upgrade to something different, perhaps a CD Player

At times I will add the missing link.

B A S S !

TIP>> It you have any factory receiver that requires a code after it's been unplugged or after the battery has been disconnected, Do yourself a favor and put that CODE in a safe place.

I can't begin to tell you how many factory units I have had to replace because Mr. or Mrs. Customer lost the code!

Now you have an idea about the missing link. But don't just stop reading and go shopping.

There's more!

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