The Cheapest Way to Upgrade your Car Stereo
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It's fair to assume that you currently have a receiver - or head unit - installed in your car with four speakers attached to it (two speakers if you have a Hyundai like mine).

If not...

if you have nothing, then your problem is somewhat simpler.

  • Is your receiver good enough?

Do you want to keep or upgrade the receiver that you have?

Would you prefer a CD player?

Cassette Player?

Minidisk Player?

MP3 Player?

Nowadays, a DVD Player?


A good way to answer that question is to realize what format your current music library is in.

If you only have CD's then it would make sense to have a CD Player in your car instead of a cassette player

There are alternatives to replacing your factory cassette deck. You don't have to go out and buy one if you already have one in your car and it's good enough

The key word here is "GOOD ENOUGH"

Hey, it's the cheapest way!

Now let's check your speakers

  • Are your speakers good enough?

Are they torn?

Are they all playing?


Do you need more bass?

  • Do you need a little bit more?
  • Do you want a lot more


Think real hard and try to stick to what you need and NOT what you want. What you want will cost you a whole lot more than what you need.

  • Do you need more "Hiss" in your music?

A little high (tweeter) perhaps?


Does your current car stereo simply sound terrible?

  • At low volume?
  • At high volume


When you get to "Sound Systems 101" I will show you a simple test you can make to test you receiver and speakers.

Also we will go into more detail that will help you decide what you really need. The real purpose of this chapter is for you to

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