The Cheapest Way to Upgrade your Car Stereo
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Whether you want to believe it or not, everybody is in business to make money.

Some of them are very honest.

Most of them, I would hate to say, are out to rip you off.

So be careful.

Here is something to consider when you go shopping for your car stereo. Every item in a store has a profit margin, the most expensive item on the shelf is not necessarily the most profitable for the store owner.


every store has items in their inventory that they want to get rid of because

a) It's been sitting on the shelf for too long.

b) There are new models on the way.

c) That item is discontinued.

d) The store will not carry it anymore.

Therefore, when you walk into that store and tell the salesman "I am thinking about doing such and such" and they can sense that you have no clue what it is that you want to do, can you guess which item you will end up buying?

Can you guess what's going to happen?

I am not saying they won't give you a good deal but

Are you buying what YOU want?
Are they selling you what THEY want?

If you can think this through, you are a very smart shopper.

This is the last conversation I had with my installer. When I told him that I thought he was ripping me off, he said

  • He has to pay for the place of business.
  • He has to pay for equipments,
  • the guy that works for him,
  • electricity,
  • advertising,
  • keep up with the competition,
  • and still keep enough money in his pocket.

It's a business, I understand

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